25 June 2010

Bekhira "Demo '96" CD (Darker Than Black Records)

Nowadays, with the flow of reissues being released, it can be hard to know which one is mandatory and which one isn't. First of all, one must ask him/herself what is the definition of a true classic? From my point of view, a true classic is a release that pushed the boundaries further at the time that it was published. A release that stands out by its authenticity. Its deep feelings and its magic. It's a release that showed something stronger than the others of its time. In 1996, Bekhira's demo is a perfect example of a true underground Black Metal classic. Originally released by the mighty French label A.M.S.G. on pro-cassette, Bekhira's 1996 demo finally got a proper reissue on CD format via Darker Than Black Records in Germany. As you can see on the picture above, the reissue is housed in a nice digi-file. It also features a bonus track taken from the 2004 split EP with Desolation Triumphalis.

Musically, this demo consists of profound and mesmerizing Black Metal compositions. The way in which Bekhira used only a small amount of keyboards in their music was highly effective, as it added a mystic aura to their creation. It's especially efficient on the first song, "The Grand Evil Spirit". This song might be the most well-know track on the demo as it was featured on the first volume of the compilation series, "The Night and the Fog". This song alone makes it a worthy purchase. The majority of the guitar lines are executed in typical French fashion, which is not negative. It is a style that is unique to the French hordes. This is an absolutely mandatory piece of Black Metal history, and I can only give my highest recommendation to get this because it's not only an amazing recording, but also a timeless Black Metal classic.

22 June 2010

New Akitsa and Ash Pool merchandise.

New Akitsa, Ash Pool, etc merchandise now available here: http://hospitalproductions.shopshogun.com/index.php

Tour de Garde news blog opening.

From now on Tour de Garde news will be posted here, on the news blog. Informations about Tour de Garde releases, the distribution, Akitsa and other related activities will be published on this page. The archives of the previous Tour de Garde news are still accessible via the following link: http://www.t-d-g.net/news.html