27 July 2010

Mail order update.

ABSURD "Der Fuenfzehnjaehrige Krieg" CD
-Back in stock! New versions of Absurd's classics.

ADVERSUS SEMITA "The Ecstasy of Sin" MC
-A breeze of the 90's, a sound so razorsharp, and hailing from the Northern lands of Norway.

ANU "Opus Funaerum" CD
-Opus Funaerum is the solitary black candle that illuminates the all-consuming darkness of obscurity and mysticism.

ASCENSION "With Burning Tongues" MC
-If you need a description, you don't need it.

AUF DEM SCHWARZEN THRON "Wonders of Darkness" EP
-Underground German Black Metal.

BALOR "Gathering Corpses" MC
-Old school Black Metal influenced by Megiddo and early Bathory.

BARSHASKETH "Defying the Bonds of Cosmic Thraldom" MC
-Hateful Black Metal for those into Peste Noire and Horna.

BOSSE-DE-NAGE "Self titled" CD
-Phenomenally catchy raw Black Metal from the San Francisco Bay Area.

-No description needed.

DARK FURY "Saligia" CD
-Polish hateful Black Metal at his climax, highly recommended!

-Black Metal from the Netherlands released under the wings of Zinarthan Productions.

DEFUNTOS "Invocacao aos Mortos" CD
-Slow, deep and sad melancholic melodies worship the prevalence of death.

-Primitive and crushing barbarian black/death from Australia.

DOPAMINE "Self titled" MC
-The first demo from this mysterious duo now available, presenting two instrumental tracks of Post Black Metal art with magnificent musicality.

FLAMMENTOD "Self titled" MC
-If you need a description, you don't need it.

-Depressive Black Metal from Finland.

HARSH "Proclamation" MC
-Grim and blasphemous Black Metal recorded following the underground tradition.

HARSH "My Salvation..." MC
-Grim Black Metal.

-Radical and politically incorrect! Polish Black Metal from the front lines.

HEKEL "Rehearsal 2005" MC
-Title says enough. Limited edition, released on pro tape by Heidens Hart.

HYPOTHERMIA "Rakbladsvalsen" MC
-Back in stock! Conceptual album including four untitled tracks for over an hour of desolate Black Metal.

IRAE "Terror666" CD
-Raw satanic worship, no compromise!

KADOTUS "Seven Glorifications of Evil" CD
-Mandatory cult Black Metal from Finland.

KATHARSIS "Fourth Reich" MC
-If you need a description, you don't need it.

KJELD "De Tiid Haldt Gjin Skoft" MCD
-Epic Black Metal taking you back to the 90's when Black Metal still meant originality and unique concepts.

LORD OF THE ABYSS "Self titled" MC
-Obscure ultra raw extreme Doom on Bubonic Productions.

LORD WIND "Atlantean Monument" CD
-Darken's fourth masterpiece Ambient Pagan music with some tribal drums.

-Raw Punk induced Black Metal like Ildjarn and Bone Awl.

-Raw underground Black Metal split between united States and Ireland.

MORTE INCANDESCENTE "...Relembrando Um Tumulo Esquecido" CD
-Skull crushing Portuguese Black Metal featuring members of Irae and Corpus Christii.

MURMURIO "Over the Stream of Negation" MC
-Negative Black Metal on Bubonic Productions.

NIHIL DOMINATION "Jehovah's Desecration" MC
-Goat worshipping Black War Metal desecration, second edition.

PALACE OF WORMS "The Forgotten" CD
-The Forgotten is a step into hateful black metal orthodoxy, surpringly appealing.

PROCLAMATION "Black Conjuration" MC
-Rehearsal tape released by the band.

REMMIRATH "Polis Rouge" CD
-Post-Black Metal with an experimental edge, well-done.

RIDE AT DAWN "Aktion Report I" MC
-Raw and powerful blackened Punk live recording.

SATANIC SACRIFICE "Christian Fucking Holocaust" MC
-Raw Black Metal filth produced by Glaveless Slumber Records.

SIGRBLOT "Blodsband (Blood religion Manifest)" CD
-A mandatory Black Metal recording.

SLAUGHTER STRIKE "A Litany of Vileness" MC
-Raw, un-hinged death, distorted and seriously unrelenting sharing members from fellow Toronto speed-freaks The Endless Blockade and Rammer.

SLUNOVRAT "Sword and Iron Cross" CD
-Slunovrat is very promising heathen Black thrashing Metal band, composed from musicians with longtime music-creation experience.

SOVEREIGN "Rehearsal 1995" MLP (10 inch)
-Three unreleased tracks from the earliest Sovereign recordings, pure Brazilian raw Black Metal.

SPERM OF ANTICHRIST "Blight and Darkness" MC
-Only a few copies available.

-If you need a description, you don't need it.

TRANSYLVANIA "As The Wicked Prosper" MC
-Freezing northern misanthropic Black Metal art with amazingly artistic heavy metal-ish solos throughout.

UNO ACTU "Nihil est" MC
-Back in stock! Profound mysteries, distant emotions and soundscapes from beyond our origins, highly recommended!

VESANO "Pedacos de Minha Vida" MC
-Melancholic Black Metal, based in a poem book from F.'s grandfather, found after he died.

VIA DOLOROSA "Discipline and Ironfist: Ten Years of Tiranny" CD
-A compilation gathering some of the best recording from that far-right Italian Black Metal horde.

WOLFSMOND "Des Dusterwaldes Reigen" CD
-Debut album of the German cult Black Metal horde.

-Thuringan Black Metal Elite.

-A step forward into darkness.

WSCHOD "About Pride, Strength and Fire" CD
-Pride, strength and fire straight from Poland.

5 July 2010

Marbebog farewell...

It's with sadness that I announce that one of Tour de Garde's horde is no more. As of today, Marblebog is part of the past. Here is a text that was written by the man behind the project, Gábor:

"The time has finally come to announce the end of Marblebog. My new ideas are so far from Black Metal, so far from anything I’ve done under this name, that the right thing is to let Marblebog rest in peace. Three full-lengths, a couple of splits and a show in America; I achieved much more than I dreamed of at the beginning, I expressed everything I could within the borders of Marblebog, there is nothing more left to say. You’ll be updated about my new band, but nothing is fixed yet, only that it will have nothing to do with Black Metal.

There won’t be new Marblebog recordings but you can still expect a few releases to come, such as:

Marblebog/Bilskirnir split 7" EP (recorded years ago) Turanian Honour Productions

"Live in Chicago" 7" EP Legion Blotan

"Nostalgic Moods in Grimwoods/Arhat" tape (re-release of the early demos) Legion Blotan

LP version of "Csendhajnal" and "Wind of Moors" once labels will actually do something other than postponing release dates (no offense).


Marblebog legacy won't be forgotten. Tour de Garde's Marblebog "Wind of Moors" CD and Marblebog/Draugurz "Split" CD are still available from us as well as some distributed titles, browse our list.