7 May 2011

Mail order update.

AASGARD "Nekriki Mistagogia" MCD
-Pure Hellenic underground Black Metal released by Lower Silesian Stronghold.

AETHERES "Dark Wisdom's Domain" MC
-Polish Pagan Dark Metal featuring members of Gontyna Kry and Venedae.

ARIOSLAVIA "Wschodni Mroz" MC
-Pagan Black Metal from Poland co-released by Werewolf Promotion and Lower Silesian Stronghold.

ARVET "Aijna" CD
-An album which lies churning below the metaphysics of Kali Yuga and Black Magick combining the elements of emotional void, elegy and delicate experimentality into a holistic exposure of Luciferian Arts.

ARYAN TRIUMPH "Forging an Iron Will" MC
-Compilations of older recordings from this Slovakian Black Metal project.

ATTRALIA "La nuit m'a enseigne..." MC
-Raw melancholic Black Metal from France in the vein of old Celestia.

BARASTIR "Battlehymns of Hate" LP
-Hateful German Black Metal, comes in gatefold cover with heavy vinyl and poster.

BLACKDEATH "Katharsis: Kalte Lieder Aus Der Hölle" LP
-Russian ruthless cult Black Metal, highly recommended!

-Dannish heathen Black Metal, ultra heavy and fast recalling early Immortal and In Battle.

BRANIKALD "Rusmjod Av Misantropie" MC
-Back in stock! Pure Blazebirth Hall magic, highly recommended!

BRANIKALD "Blikk Av Kald" MC
-Back in stock! Raw and atmospheric Black Metal with cold entrancing ambient interludes, absolutly mandatory.

CAEDES CRUEDAS "Skies Daimonon" CD
-True Black Metal from Greece, produced by Cryptia Productions.

-Obscure occult Black Metal with a rock edge from Finland, highly recommended!

DARK FURY "Saligia" MC
-Polish hateful Black Metal at his climax, highly recommended!

DARKTHULE "Wolforder" MC
-Ancient heathen Black Metal from Hellas.

-Primitive raw Hellenic Black Metal meet pure heathen Black Metal with a strong Nordic influence.

DEPARTURE CHANDELIER "The Black Crest Of Death, The Gold Wreath Of War" MC
-Debut demo of Napoleonic Black Metal inspired by the cruelty of French history and the illuminating powers of death, highly recommended!

DUNKELHEIT "Frozen in Eternity" CD
-Depressive Black Metal from Hungary.

ENDLESS BATTLE "From the Thicket of Times" MC
-Dark Black Metal from the depths of the Ukrainian woods.

ESCHATON "Causa Fortior" LP
-Fast Hellenic Black Metal in the tradition of Legion of Doom and Kaiadas including one bonus track, comes with new artwork.

EVIL/NABURUS "Decomposition of the Human Soul" MC
-Raw Black Metal from Slovakia and Poland.

EVILFEAST "Mysteries Of The Nocturnal Forest" MC
-Grim and misanthropic Black Metal from Poland, their debut album finally available on cassette format.

FAETHON "Immortal Ancient Spirit" MC
-Debut full-lenght album of this heathen traditional Black Metal horde from Hellas.

FJORD "Vor Tru" MC
-Wotanic Folk Metal inspired by legendary bands such as Isengard, Bathory, Storm and Hades.

FLAMMERSJEL "The Halls of Starshining" MC
-Epic heathen Black Metal from Ukraina, recommended!

FROST "Defendo Patria" MC
-French Canadian heathen Black Metal.

FUNERAL FROST "Watch Them Burn" EP
-Finally, 10 years after they have been recorded, those 4 songs of fast and cruel Swedish Black Metal are officially released.

GNIEU/LASCOWIEC "Marching with the Blizzard's Rage" MC
-Great heathen Black Metal from Belarus and United States of America.

GONFANON "Call to Arms" CD
-Proud pagan Black Metal from France with medieval and ambient influences.

GRAVELAND "Cold Winter Blades" MC
-Heathen Polish Black metal legend has created another monument of battle hymns in tribute to Wotan.

GYOTRELEM "Teljes Beteljesules: HALAL" MC
-Depressive Black Metal from Hungary.

HARAG "Eber almok utjain" MC
-Black Metal with Ambient touches from Hungary.

HATE FOREST "Resistance" MC
-Cult Black Metal from Ukraine, cassette version of an EP released back in 2004.

HATE FOREST "Dead but Dreaming" MC
-Slavonic elite Black Metal, contains last unreleased material of this band, three studio and four live tracks.

HATEFUL "Key to Eternity" MC
-Raw and hateful Black Metal from Poland.

HELDENTOD "Live in Zatec" MC
-A nice concert recorded of this Black Metal from Hungary.

HONOS AQUILAE/WSCHOD "Foedus Aureae Libertatis" MC
-Split release between a French and a Polish horde, each giving old school, harsh dose of underground atmosphere with raging Black Metal.

INFERNO "Nikdy nepokrteni" MC
-Intolerant inhuman Black Metal from Czech Republic.

LASCOWIEC "Unbroken Spirit" MC
-Heahen Black Metal.

MALDOROR "Burn After First Listening!" MC
-Official reissue of this underground occult Ambient jewel from France, highly recommended!

MORKR "Graves Forgot my Name" MC
-Misanthropic Black Metal from Poland.

-Their debut full-length of Black Metal of cold and gloomy depressive Black Metal with some elements of post-rock.

NEGATHOR "Self titled" MC
-Raw, blasphemous Polish Black Metal.

-Back in stock! Blazebirth Hall elite gathered on this mandatory release.

NITBERG "Donner Wetter Donner Wyrd" MC
-Back in stock! Folk Black Metal from Russia.

NORDREICH "Verschlungene Pfade" LP
-Comes with two exclusive bonus tracks and completely new artwort, bronze vinyl with gatefold cover and large poster.

NORDREICH "Auf Heimischen Pfaden" DLP
-Germanic Black Metal cult release finally available on a splendourous gatefold DLP, side D contains 4 previously unreleased bonus tracks.

NUIT NOIRE "Delirant Fantaesy" EP
-Three new songs of French faerical Blacl Metal recorded back in 2006.

ODAL "Einst verehrt von allen/...und auf Erden tobt die Schlacht..." MC
-Back in stock! One of the best German Black Metal horde, highly recommended!

ODAL "...wilde Kraft" MC
-Back in stock! One of the best German Black Metal horde, highly recommended!

OHTAR "When I Cut the Throat" MC
-Cult Black Metal from Poland, their first album finally available again.

OHTAR "Petrified Breath of Hope" MC
-Pure Black Metal pestilence from Poland.

OPRICH "North The Boundless" MC
-Slavonic Folk induced Black Metal from Russia.

-This tape contains two tracks of Traditional Finnish Black Metal fusing the very ideas of national-romanticism & occultic approach concerning the subjects in hand.

PUSTOTA "Pogrzeb Cieni Zapomnianych" MC
-Debut demo of misanthropic Black Metal from Poland.

RASPBERRY BULBS "Nature Tries Again" LP
-First vinyl offering from this lone Black Metal band which calls into questions the dilemma we are faced with in this world of consciousness and the quickening pace that we approach the unknown.

RIDE FOR REVENGE "The King of Snakes" MC
-Pounding, twisting and haunting ritualistic Black Metal.

SEGES FINDERE "Proclamation of Blood Vengeance" CD
-Second full-length album of bestial intolerant grotesque War Metal from these infamous Brazilian kommandants, ruthless and unapologetic bestial savagery.

SELBSTMORD "Dawn of a New Era" LP
-Extremely hateful and raw Black Metal from this mighty Black Metal horde from Poland.

SENTIMEN BELTZA "Olabezarko Basoen Bakardadea" CD
-Fantastic album in the vein of Sargeist, co-released by Bubonic Productions and Thor's Hammer Productions.

SINISTERITE "The Unclean Days" CD
-The second filthy full-lenght of dirty Black Metal from the trio Hellseeker (Horna, Sargeist, Necroslut, etc), Nox (Foudre Noire, Forest Grave, etc) and Molestor (Anal Blasphemy, Musta Kappeli, etc).

-Debut full-lenght album of this Heathen Black Metal horde from Poland.

SS-18 "Dead World's Whisper" LP
-Nuclear misanthropic Black Metal, a bit in the vein of "The Dark Blood Rising" from Diabolicum, but with less samples.

SVETOVID "Valhalla Dreams" MC
-Raw and extreme Black Metal in the BlazeBirth Hall vein.

SZRON "Freezing Eyes of Hate" MC
-Cold, raw Black Metal from Poland, this cassette is a compilation of tracks from their splits, highly recommended!

SZRON "Pure Slavonic Blasphemy/Cult Of Death" MC
-Cold, raw Black Metal from Poland, a compilation of their rare early recordings, highly recommended!

TEMNOZOR' "Twilights at Winter Funeral" MC
-Cult Slavonic Pagan Metal on stage, quality live recording with great layout.

TONY TEARS "Voci Dal Passato" MC
-Debut album released on pro-cassette by Seedstock Records.

TOTAL GENOCIDE "SatanNoiseVomitChaos" LP
-Finally in stock, one of the most blasphemous and filthy record of all time, highly recommended!

-Pure underground Black Metal split, three bands present their tracks in an old fashion way, almost like if it was the mid-nineties once again.

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Eight Acts Of Origin" LP
-Exclusive songs from Akitsa, Darkest Grove, Pagan Hellfire, Ash Pool, Mörker, Gaszimmer, Nasheim and Woods of Infinity.

W.A.I.L. "Wisdom through Agony into Illumination and Lunacy" CD
-Great doom-laden Black Metal from this Finnish band recalling Barathrum, Varathron, Necromantia and Hail.

-A unique combination of raw and primitive Black Metal with Pagan overtones.

WINGS OF WAR "Battle Hymn" MC
-Furious and primitive thrashing Black Metal from Poland spreading cult of war.

WINGS OF WAR "Prepare for War" MC
-Bestial Polish Black Metal featuring members of Moontower, Demiurg and Selbstmord.

WINTERBLUT "Eine Schlechte Tat" EP
-Two new and necro tracks evoked by this unique teutonic devil, highly recommended!

WOLFENBURG "The Empire of the Wolf" MC
-Grim and mystical Black Metal in the old Polish vein.

WOLFSSCHREI "Demons of my Inner Self" LP
-Seven devastating songs equipped with a raw production that carries on the sound of the early nineties, mark this grim attack of German Black Metal.

-Hateful and blasphemous raw Black Metal.

-Wolfthorn contribute two re-recordings and one new song while Erhabenheit reveals two unreleased songs from the "Vom Tempel zum Throne" session.

-Two proud Polish underground Black Metal bulldozers.