26 August 2011

Mail order update.

ABSURD "Facta Loquuntur" CD
-Hammer of Damnation version.

ABSURD "Totenlieder" CD
-If you need a description, you don't need it.

AD HOMINEM "Planet ZOG-The End" MC
-Debut album from this French Black Metal act produced by Totenkopf Propaganda.

ARGHOSLENT "Galloping Through the Battleruins" MC
-If you need a description you don't need it.

ARKONA/MOONTOWER "W Szponach Wojennej Bestii" MC
-Cult Polish Black Metal split.

ARYAN BLOOD/EVIL "Ancient Empire" MC
-If you need a description, you don't need it.

ASCENSION "Consolamentum" CD
-Superb dissonant, epicly crafted Black Metal from Germany.

ASKA "Dar vanvett gror" MC
-Swedish underground Black Metal, their first full-length album.

ASTROFAES "The Eyes of the Beast" MC
-Back in stock! Cult Ukrainian Black Metal.

ATRA "Of Demise, Evil and Necromancy... (Demo Collection)" CD
-Compilation of the first 4 demos of this vile, rotten & melancholic Black Metal entity.

ATRA "In Reverence of Decay" CD
-Pays homage to the destruction of man and flesh... Raw, Primative Black Metal from spheres beyond.

BEWITCHED "Dragonflight" MC
-Black Metal from Chile with the old vibe of the mid-nineties.

BEWITCHED "Hibernum in Perpetuum" MC
-Classic Black/Dark/Doom Metal executed by this Chilean band, originally released back in 1996.

BEWITCHED "Unveiling Zion: The Mother's Return" MC
-Chilean Black Metal with folk, fantasy and ambient parts.

BEWITCHED "Selfconfidence" MC
-Chilean Black Metal with folk, fantasy and ambient parts.

-If you need a description, you don't need it.

BILSKIRNIR "Wotansvolk" CD
-Mandatory, color cover version released by Hammer of damnation version.

BLODSBAND "Kamp och seger" MC
-Swedish Black Metal inspired by honor and war.

COMMAND "Sturmangriff" MC
-If you need a description, you don't need it.

CRIPTA OCULTA "Ecos dos Dolmens Esquecidos" MC
-Four long tracks remembering the old ancient gods of the underground.

CRIPTA OCULTA "Rios Que Correram... Rios Que Secaram" MC
-Raw, cold and emotional Black Metal with folk touches, proud epic moments and deep atmosphere.

DEMIURG "Szwadrony Smierci" MC
-Classic Polish Black Metal demo, recommended!

DRAUGURZ "Rehearsal Demo '03" MC
-Debut demo of this obscure Brazilian Black Metal band, recommemded and rare!

GOAT PERVERSOR "First Sacrifice" MC
-Raw Black Metal from Belgium.

-Unreleased and rare tracks of Old School Black Metal belonging to the Necromantical Concilium Black Metal circle, highly recommended!

GRAFENSTEIN "Silence Endless" MC
-The debut album from this promising German Black Metal troup that adds just enough thrash into their traditional sound to crank up the intensity level into the red.

GRAVELAND "In The Glare Of Burning Churches" MC
-Only a few in stock, act fast.

GRAVELAND "Thousand Swords" MC
-If you need a description, you don't need it.

GRAVELAND "Creed of Iron" MC
-Polish leading Pagan Black Metal force.

GRIMA MORSTUA "Magnam Mortem Transcendere" CD
-Occult and Grim Black metal, representing the fire of opposition in every man, its recognition and its manifestation... only for the initiated.

HAKENKREUZZUG "Centurions of Thule" MC
-Raw and raqdical Black Metal from France.

HATE FOREST "To Those Who Came Before Us" MC
-Back in stock! Cult Black Metal from Ukraine.

LEGION666 "Hymns to Satan" MC
-Blasphemous Black Metal from Belarus.

LUCIFUGUM "On Hooks To Pieces!" MC
-Before they started denying their human origins, released by Oriana and Ancient Nation.

LUCIFUGUM "Pact of Wolf" MC
-Typical Black Metla from Ukraine.

MOONTOWER "Aryan Metal Terror" MC
-Classic Polish Black Metal demo released under the wings of the mighty Garazel Productions.

MOTHER THULE "Dark Side of the Sun" MC
-Raw heathen Black Metal with Ambient parts.

MURMUURE "Self titled" LP
-Blasting, blown out, fuzzy, heavy, epic. You need this record.

NOCTURNE "Paralleles" MC
-Misanthropic and depressive Black Metal from France.

NORNS "In Fog They Appear" CD
-Primitive melancholic typical Finnish Black Metal played at a very high level, highly recommended!

OBJEKT 4 "Facility 77" MC
-Swedish Dark Ambient with the aim of expanding cinematic sound design into music.

RAVEN DARK "Rulers Age" MC
-Back in stock! One of the best band of the Blaze Birth Hall gang.

-Classic underground Black Metal split from 2004 reissued.

SKOLL "Warriors of the Misty Fields" MC
-Pagan Black Metal featuring members of Opera IX, A Forest, Huginn, The True Endless and Darkness.

SKOLL "Misty Woods" MC
-Italian mediaval accoustic music, recommended.

SORCIER DES GLACES "The Puressence of Primitive Forests" CD
-Representing the cold and white landscapes of the north through a 56 minutes tribute to early 90's Black Metal.

SUICIDAL WINDS "Discography 98-07" MC
-Swedish thrashing Black Metal, a compilation spanning 1998 through 2007 from various albums, splits, etc.

THALLIUM "A Howling From Thousand Years" MC
-Grim and mysterious Black Metal from Brazil, very creepy.

THE FROST "Damned and Forgotten" MC
-Second demo of this Croatian Black Metal horde.

-Rituals of highest wisdom performed in the night, highly recommended!

TIWAZ "The Rune of Victory" MC
-Pagan Black Metal featuring ex-members of Great Vast Forest.

TODESKULT "Als die Farben alter wurden" MC
-Debut album from this German suicidal Black Metal project.

-Chaotic and raw Black Metal from one of the oldest Hellenic bands, existing since 1988.

ULFHETHNAR "Beyond Their Mortal Boundaries" MC
-Heathen Black Metal from Argentina, Total War Records version.

WARHAMMER "The Doom Messiah" MC
-This band is copying Hellhammer in a very authentic manner, love it or hate it.

WARHAMMER "Curse Of The Absolute Eclipse" MC
-This band is copying Hellhammer in a very authentic manner, love it or hate it.

WARHAMMER "The Winter of our Discontent" MC
-This band is copying Hellhammer in a very authentic manner, love it or hate it.

WEREWOLF "The Order Of Vril" MC
-Reminiscence of cult Polish Black Metal, absolutly recommended!

WEWELSBURG "The Antiarchitect" MC
-Mystical Industrial induced Black Metal, recommended!

WINTERFROST "Worship the Blood of the Pagan Supremacy" MC
-Cult underground Black Metal from Spain.

WODULF "Wargus Esto" MC
-Back in stock! If you need a description, you don't need it.

WOODS OF INFINITY "Forintelse & Libido" MC
-Rare, twisted and mandatory!

WOODS OF YPRES "Against the Seasons: Cold Winter Songs from the Dead Summer Heat" MC
-Melodic Black/Death Metal from Canada.

WOTANORDEN "Fromt the Storm Come the Wolves" MC
-Taking cue from some of the more early-heathen Black Metal acts like Borknagar or Enslaved and incorporating it with the sounds of American bands like Pantheon..

WOTANORDEN "Aryan Culture Preservation" MC
-Viking Black Metal with a strong belief in Germanic paganism and ancient European folklore.