24 January 2011

Klage/Vemod "Moestæ Qverelæ" EP

Now available from Tour de Garde.

19 January 2011

Mail order update.

-Songs of strength and the heathen past are carried into the present butwo Polish Black/Death Metal hordes.

AKERBELTZ "A Wave of Darkness" CD
-Raw Black Metal from Spain in the vein of early Darkthrone.

AKITSA "Au crépuscule de l'espérance" LP
-Fourth full length album.

AMES SANGLANTES "The Sun of your Disarray" MC
-Old school Power Electronics.

ANCESTORS BLOOD "Preparing for War" MC
-Back in stock! Outstanding Pagan Black Metal, highly recommended!

AOSOTH "Ashes of Angels" MC
-Second album of possessed and brutal Black Metal from France, featuring members of Antaeus and Temple of Baal.

ARFSYND "Self titled" CD
-Dark, sinister and epic Black Metal from Sweden.

ARMAGEDDA "The Final War Approching" MC
-Evil and cult Black Metal from Sweden, highly recommended!

ARMATUS "Eternal Flame of Hate" MC
-If you need a description, you don't need it.

ARYAN BLOOD "Through Struggle to Victory" CD
-If you need a description, you don't need it.

ATRA "Beneath the Silent Souls" MC
-Debut demo, raw Black Metal with a mystical aura from Australia.

ATRA "Death Coven" MC
-Debut full length of raw, primitive and hateful Black Metal from the shores of Australia, recommended!

AZELSGARD "Diabolical Ritual in the Cursed Forest" EP
-If you need a description, you don't need it.

BLACKDEATH "Katharsis: Kalte Lieder Aus Der Hölle" CD
-Russian ruthless cult Black Metal, highly recommended!

-Underground magazine from Portugal featuring interviews with Zwartplaag, Maniac Butcher, Dolentia and more.

BRANIKALD "Stormheit" MC
-If you need a description, you don't need it.

BRULVAHNATU "Uterine Acid Swishes" CD
-Gloomy, ambient Black Metal, utterly weird but interesting.

BRULVAHNATU "Last Living Dream" CD
-Nearly an hour of Canadian twisted experimental Black Metal.

CHRISTICIDE "Live Xenoglossy" MC
-Official release, live recorded in Metz, France, 18/09/2010.

CLIMAX DENIAL "All of my Loves are like Dreams" CD
-Perverse American Power Electronics.

CREMATOR "Self titled" MC
-Thrashing Black Metal from Argentina.

CSEJTHE "Transcendance" MCD
-Csejthe offers a mini-album of atmospheric Black Metal, full of mystery, darkness and triumph.

DAWN OF DIVISION "Tears of the Ocean" CD
-Greek Black Metal.

DEAD CONGREGATION "Graves of the Archangels" CD
-Greek Death Metal obscurity.

DOM DRACUL "Genocide In The Name Of Satan" MC
-Their debut demo, a few copies back in stock.

EXECUTION "Dismantle the Cross" MC
-Possessed and blackened Thrash Metal from California.

EXECUTION "Sworn to the Evil" MC
-Second demo of possessed and blackened Thrash Metal from California.

-Self release between these two proud & strong hordes from the North and South.

FOREST "Self titled" MC
-If you need a description, you don't need it.

FOREST "As A Blaze Above The Ashes" MC
-If you need a description, you don't need it.

FORGOTTEN SPELL "Desecrated, Decayed and Still Holy" MC
-Epic, occult and mysterious Black Metal produced by Parasyte Curse, highly recommended!

FORNICATION "Sewer Dwellers" MC
-Old school Canadian Black/thrash Metal.

FROZEN SHADOWS "Empires de Glaces" CD
-Pure Black Metal, made as a tribute to the early 90's Black Metal scene.

GODLESS "Therianthropic Lust" MC
-Occult South American Black Metal.

-Black Metal of Death from Chile.

HAIVE "Saimaata ei sanoilla selita" MC
-Epic Pagan Metal from Finland focuissing on nature.

HANGED GHOST "Remembrance" MC
-Expect raw Doom/Death, with crushing guitars, great drumming and mournful growls from the abyss, coming from the depths of the portuguese underground.

HEILNOZ "Self titled" MC
-Pagan Black Metal from Spain, recommended!

HOLOCAUST "The Call of Thuringian Woods" MC
-Reissue of the legendary promo from 1999 featuring four tracks of hammering Thoringian Black Metal and a cover of Mayhem.

ILL OMEN "Spear of Salvation" MCD
-Dissonant and atmospheric Black Metal that really manages to crawl under your skin like none other.

INQUISITION "Anxious Death/Forever Under" CD
-Back in stock! Early Inquisition demo recordings.

JERNBYRDE "Doden er var Evige Lidelse" MC
-Pure old school Norwegian Black Metal produced by Nordstorm Productions.

KAILASH "Self titled" MC
-Post-Black Metal that should pleased fans of Ved Buens Ende and Virus.

-One of the best magazine around, featuring interviews with Akitsa, Arckanum, Satanic Warmaster, Anu, Crypta Occulta and more.

KENAZ "Resurgence nordique" CD
-Hateful and barbarian Pagan Black Metal in the old way, highly recommended!

LYS "Drifting Through Despair" MC
-Raw, crude, noisy and tortured depressive Black Metal.

MARE "Spheres Like Death" MCD
-Simply mandatory.

METASTASE "Decroissance" MC
-L'obscurite est la seule verite, la misere n'est plus prise en pitie.

MONARQUE "Ad Nauseam" MC
-Reissue of their debut demo on pro-cassette.

-Very nice underground publication featuring interviews with Watain, Cultes des Ghoules, Woods of Infinity, Horna and more.

MORTIFERA "Maledictiih" MC
-Necro-melancholical Black Metal from France.

-Six Black Metal rites about shedding the skin of hypocrisy and rediscovering the purity of the beast.

NORDMEN "Self titled" MCD
-Raging heathen French Canadian Black Metal dedicated to the cold winters and howling northwinds.

NOXIUS NEX "Aeternus Noxius Nex" MC
-Debut demo of this obscure Canadian Black Metal horde.

NYKTALGIA "Peisithanatos" MC
-Back in stock! Depressive Black Metal from Germany.

PALE MIST "In The Valley Where The Mist Never Fade" MC
-Misanthropic and depressive Black Metal from United Kingdom.

PARAGON IMPURE "To Gaius (For The Delivery Of Agrippina)" CD
-Elite Black Metal from Belgium, Daemon Worship Productions version.

PIME "Avanemine" MC
-Black Metal from Estonia on Black Devastation Records.

PREVALENT RESISTANCE "Dynamics of Creation" CD
-Back in stock! Their first full lenght album after their great demo.

RHUITH "Darkness Moves" MC
-Futurist, romantic post-Black Metal from Italy recalling the early days of Cultus Sanguine, Monumentum and Ras Algethi.

SAGN "Folter" MC
-Five tracks of Gallic folk pagan Black Metal plus an outro and an Absurd cover song.

-An atmospheric pagan Black Metal journey to the heart of the North.

-Obscure, distant, crude, dissonant French Black Metal, highly recommended!

THOR'S HAMMER "The Fate Worse Than Death" CD
-Reissue of the underground classic on Lower Silesian Stronghold, absolutly mandatory.

THOTH "Zamglenie" CD
-Atmospheric and hateful Polish Black Metal featuring old timers of the scene.

TODESSTOSS "Stelldichein" CD
-Excellent and obscure depressive Black Metal from Germany.

TOMHET "Desolate Palace" MC
-A long Black Metal demo released by Sabbath's Fire Records.

TORTURA "Souls on the Hole" MC
-Old school Thrash Metal from Mexico.

-Obscure Heathen underground magazine from Lusitania.

-Two songs at 20 minutes of devastating Black Metal with a dismal occult atmosphere.

WALD GEIST WINTER "Teufelskreise" CD
-Thuringian underground Black Metal at its best.

-French Black Metal on Sabbath's Fire Records.

XIBALBA "Demo 2010" MC
-Cult Black Metal from Mexico.

-French Black Legions worship.

17 January 2011

Morbid Abominations 'zine

Soon available from Tour de Garde.

9 January 2011

Pagan Hellfire merchandise.

Pagan Hellfire "The Will Of Night" T-shirts are now available. Grayscale printing on quality black shirts. Sizes S, M, L, XL are available. They are only available directly from Pagan Hellfire or if you in the Halifax, NS area at Random Play on Barrington Street.

To order or for more details: