25 July 2011

Mail order update.

-Cult Black Metal from Hellas.

-Mandatory split of the purest form of hatred, Polish cult!

ARGHOSLENT "Hornets of the Pogrom" MC
-A mandatory album, highly recommended!

ASCENSION "With Burning Tongues" MC
-Back in stock! If you need a description, you don't need it.

AUSTERE "To Lay Like Old Ashes" MC
-Back in stock! Anguished atmospheric Black Metal from Australia.

BAHRRECHT "Lotharingen" MC
-Second demo from chaotic French Black Metal act featuring Winterhalter from Alcest on drums.

BARBAROUS POMERANIA "Mysticism of Blood and Soil" CD
-Battellike Pagan Black Metal which features ex-Gontyna Kry members... in the vein of Graveland, Infernum, North, etc.

BLACK CIRCLE "Behold my Visions and Wisdom" MC
-Mournful Black Metal truely grasping the quintessence of it.

BLACK CIRCLE "The Distant Wind..." MC
-Feel the mournful Black Metal pulsating through your veins when the bleak of the winter is storming outside.

BOMBER/LAPIDA "Achtung Metal!!!" MC
-Bomber from Chile plays pervert blackened Speed Metal a la Bülldozer and Lapida from Ecuador obscure Thrash Metal with intolerant, regionalist and evil songs.

BOSQUE "Passage" MC
-Raw and bleak Funeral Doom, their first full lenght on cassette. Comes with an high quality patch.

CELESTIA "Archaenae Perfectii - L'arche Arcane des parfaits" MC
-Back in stock! Sinister and romantic French Black Metal.

CULT OF DAATH "The Grand Torturers of Hell" CD
-Disgusting and perverted necroticism, barbaric Black/Death Metal cult, highly recommended!

-Featuring interviews with Vemod, Prest, Tomhet and more.

DEAD "Hanging Illusions" MC
-Very long dark, melancholic and slow songs with the joining deep lyrics force the listener to deal himself with the topic of death.

DEAD AS DREAMS "Their Steps Become Unbearable" MC
-A 24 minute anthemic journey filled with disillusionment and disdain, musically spanning various niches of the supreme Black Metal art.

DESASTRIOUS "Loekr inn Niflheim" MC
-Great reissue of this classic Black Metal document from 1997, one of the most hated and at the same time underrated American Black Metal project.

DEVIL'S ISLAND "Self titled" MCD
-Black Hateful Metal from Poland, recommended!

-La France que vous detestez, highly recommended... especially if you understand French!

-Mid tempo death march with incredible yet restrained melodies and a perfectly fevered raw sound.

EINDIG "Doodschrift" MC
-Gloomy and depressive Black Metal from The Netherlands.

EOLE NOIR "Self titled" MC
-One lengthy track of fast but melancholic Black Metal despair as should be known from them, minimal production but this time with vocals, followed by one dreamy acoustic track.

ESCHATON "Causa Fortior" MC
-Fast Hellenic Black Metal in the tradition of Legion of Doom and Kaiadas including one bonus track.

FIMBUL "Vinterland" MC
-Their first demo re-released by Daudings Gjenklang, grim and atmospheric Black Metal.

FIMBUL "Det Siste Slaget" MC
-Their second demo re-released by Daudings Gjenklang, grim and atmospheric Black Metal.

GANDR "Yollisen Ylistys" CD
-An album centered around the theme of the Northern Nights highly recommended for fans of Vordr and Ildjarn.

GANDR "Talvitunnelmia" CD
-Dirty and unrelenting misanthropic Black Metal from Finland.

GOATPENIS "Trotz Verbot Nicht Tot" CD
-Disturbed Brazilian Black Metal in the vein ofearly Beherit.

GOATPENIS "Inhumanization" CD
-Uncompromising, aggressive and fast Black Metal from Brazil.

INFERNO "Nikdy nepokrteni" CD
-Intolerant inhuman Black Metal from Czech Republic.

JUDAS ISCARIOT "Of Great Eternity" MC
-If you need a description, you don't need it.

JUDAS ISCARIOT "Dethroned, Conquered and Forgotten" MC
-If you need a description, you don't need it.

KADOTUS "Seven Glorifications of Evil" CD
-Back in stock! Mandatory cult Black Metal from Finland.

KATHARSIS "Fourth Reich" MC
-Back in stock! If you need a description, you don't need it.

KESTREL "Weather Eye" MC
-Triumphant metal, in a primeval form. Delusional, mythical music.

-Back in stock! Grandiose and deprepressive Black Metal from Norway.

KRISTALLNACHT "Blooddrenched Memorial 1994-2002" CD
-A true underground Black Metal classic that is utterly mandatory, highly recommended!

-Kings of this so far nameless genre of sick, miserable music.

LOTUS CIRCLE "Bottomless Vales and Boundless Floods" MC
-Droning Black Metal ambience repetitive from Greece.

LUNAR AURORA "Ars Moriendi" MC
-Cassette version of the Supernal issue of the 2000 full length.

MALEDICERE "Leave Only What is Fit to Burn" CD
-Brooding occult ambience with a refined approach evoking the archaic and primitive elements of Black Metal as well as other unconventional influences.

MANES "Solve et Coagula" CD
-Simply mandatory, you need this.

-Official Osmose Pruductions pressing, cult!

MASTER'S HAMMER "Jilemnicky Okultista" CD
-Official Osmose Pruductions pressing, cult!

METASTASE "Decroissance" EP
-L'obscurite est la seule verite, la misere n'est plus prise en pitie.

-Back in stock! Norwegian underground Black Metal plague.

MORDAEHOTH "Eens Weer Prevaleert Het Heidens Hart" MC
-Mix of Pagan and Black Metal and influences of dark folk with added atmosphere of occasional keyboards and clean vocals.

-Hellblazing Black Metal from Norway, highly recommended!

NACHT "Impressions of the Night" MC
-A bleak walking through the dark forest... Melancholic Black Metal.

-Plane Metal pressing.

NEAR "The Dark Art of Death Hidden in the Castle" MC
-A pure Black Metal release like it used to be 15 years ago, highly recommended!

NECROMANTIA "The Sound of Lucifer Storming Heaven" CD
-Cult Greek occult Black Metal.

NECROMANTIA/ACHERONTAS "...For the Temple of the Serpent Skull..." MC
-Two cult Hellenic Black Metal hordes gathered.

NECROPLASMA "Sit Gloria Domini In Saecvlvm" CD
-Raw and blasphemous Black Metal the way it was meant to be.

NIFLHEIM "Promo 2006" MC
-This is the project that became Gris, melancholic Black Metal from Quebec now signed to Sepulchral Productions.

NU IS ALLES ANDERS "Het eeuwige leven" MC
-Hypnotic, trance inducing and monotonous Black Metal, highly recommended!

PESTE NOIRE "Folkfuck Folie" MC
-This should need no introductions... very limited quantity available.

PESTE NOIRE "L'ordure a l'etat pur" CD
-Their most complex work until today, comes with a 24 page booklet, absolutly mandatory!

PREST "Drapsinstinkt" MC
-Fifteen year old Prest re-emerge with a new honest and raw rehearsal recording, released by Daudings Gjenklang.

SENTIMEN BELTZA "Bizitza Osoan Zehar Sortu den Etsipenaren Ondorioak" CD
-Raw and atmospheric Black Metal, one of the few new bands that deserve attention.

SKUGGEHEIM "Vinterrikets Konge" MC
-Raw lo-fi Black Metal with a great atmosphere, highly recommended!

-Featuring short interviews with Daudings Gjenklang, Akitsa, Aluk Todolo, Stargazer and more.

URUK HAI "Unholy Medieval Congregation" CD
-Back in stock! Unholy traditional Black Metal from Spain released on Die Todesrune Records, a personal favourite.

URUK HAI "Archi Catedra Nigra Diaboli" CD
-Follow up of their debut album in the same unholy Black Metal vein but even more obscure and old school oriented.

VARATHRON "Stygian Forces of Scorn" CD
-Legendary Greek Black Metal band returns with a new album after 5 years of silence, CD edition includes 3 bonus tracks and 16 page full color booklet.

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Abominations of Darkness" MC
-Four way split featuring Unholy Crucifix, Abhorrot, Usurpateur and Black Feast.

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Sous le lys noir" MC
-A nice introduction to Quebec Black Metal underground, featuring Neige et noirceur, Monarque, Nordmen, Crepuscule and more.

VEB BUENS ENDE "Those Who Catress the Pale" CD
-Mandatory cult Norwegian experimental Black Metal, a real classic.

VEIL "Sombre" MC
-Fantastic atmospheric Black Metal masterpiece with some acoustic parts, reminds of Burzum, Xasthur or early Primordial.

VOMITCHAPEL "Damnatio ad Bestias" LP
-Blasphemic, ritualistic and bestial Metal of Death.

WINTERBLUT "Der 6. Danach" MC
-Lost and hidden in older times, this release see again the dark light, eerie Black Metal with a strong ghostly atmosphere.

WOJNAR "Kiedy Duch Wojny Nade Mna Powstanie" CD
-Back in stock! Cult heathen Ambient music from Poland.

WOTANORDAN "The Hands of Fate" CD
-This is a concept album about the past, present, and future of a certain Germanic Warrior who fought for his land and his folk against the forces of Christendom, and though when odds.

-Cult Black Metal split released by Battle Kommad Records.

-A pure aggressive and hateful black metal offensive with their typical own style of riffs, highly recommended!

-A pure aggressive and hateful black metal offensive with their typical own style of riffs, highly recommended!

17 July 2011

Peste Noire "L'Ordure à l'état Pur" CD

Now available from Tour de Garde.