18 March 2012

Mail order update.

ANNTHENNATH "States of Liberating Departure" MC
-Death waits, perched on the horizon, all leads to the inevitable void. Violent anti-human Black Metal, highly recommended!

ARCHGOAT "The Light-Devouring Darkness" CD
-Pungent as the stench of rotting flesh and supercharged with vitriol, this album exudes the reek of authentic, uncontrolled blasphemous decadence.

ARGHOSLENT "Incorrigible Bigotry" CD
-If you need a description you don't need it.

BEHEXEN "My Soul for His Glory" CD
-Back in stock! Blasphemous Black Metal elite from Finland serves us an incredible opus dedicated to pure evil.

-Death Industrial/Noise Ambiant meet Harsh Noise/Power Electronics.

-Spears flung from the cosmos clenched fist. Hate from a forsaken star. The righteous stand as ash. Blood soaked, Victory rains down.

BLACK PRIEST OF SATAN "We, as Shadows of Satan" MCD
-Doomy and obscure Black Metal, four haunting tracks of theistic Satanism, death worship and invocation of spirits unknown.

CARPATHIAN FOREST "Bloodlust and Perversion" DLP
-Simply mandatory!

CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS "Armon Keitaalla" DLP *$28.00 CAD
-Always expect the unexpected from this Finnish duo. Armon Keitaalla is pure bliss. Absolutely essential!

DER MISANTHROPE "La masse putrefactoire" MC
-Depressive Black Metal from Canada.

DER MISANTHROPE "Les enfants du neant..." MC
-Depressive Black Metal from Canada.

-La France que vous detestez, highest recommendation... especially if you understand French!

FAETHON "Imperium Solis" MC
-Heathen Black Metal from Hellas, this release is including both splits on a single cassette.

FAETHON "Summoning the Spirits of the Past" MC
-Heathen Black Metal from Hellas, this release is gathering all their demos on a single cassette.

-Russian atmospheric Black Metal.

GRAND MOOD "Final Urge to March" MC
-A complete statement of stoic but shimmering melodic Black Metal with expressive vocals.

-Crushing, slow motion avant ultra Doom. Sludgey, blackened and insanely heavy.

HEATHEN HAMMER "Kinship Destiny" MC
-American heathen Black Metal debut release.

HEATHEN HAMMER "Clandestine Oath" MC
-A stunning combination of D-beat and heathen Black Metal.

HORNA "Aania Yossa" CD
-Black Metal at its finest, with heavy emphasis on gritty, cyclic riffing.

-Compiling a split LP of elder, eldritch demos as well as a cancerous split 7", both bands paint a fatal portrait.

HORNA "Pimeyden Hehka" MCD
-Their typical raw Black Metal style combined with some old-school touches.

HORNA "Musta Kaipuu" CD
-Collects rare and unreleased material from the Finnish Black Metal leader’s classic "Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne" era.

-Haunting and ghostly Black Metal.

KATAXU "Hunger of Elements" MC
-After many delays this masterpiece is finally out, atmospheric Black Metal from Poland.

LECHIA "Akt Woli" MC
-Elite Pagan Black Metal from Poland.

MERRIMACK "Grey Rigorism" CD
-Progressive song constructs coil inward and outward upon themselves in acts of occult alchemy, exploring labyrinths of the soul few have the resolve to embark upon.

-Raw, ugly and primitive German Black Metal united on black vinyl. Highly recommended!

PAGAN HELLFIRE "A Voice from Centuries Away" LP
-Reissue of the first Pagan Hellfire album originally released back in 2000, highly recommended!

PAGAN HELLFIRE "In Desolation, In Ruins" LP
-Reissue of the second album of the best Black Metal band from eastern Canada.

-Epic Black Metal with powerful melodies and spirit, highly recommended!

PERINDE AC CADAVER "Exercitia spiritualia" MC
-Astral electronic Death Ambient that willlead you into total isolation, highly recommended.

PHANTOM "Self titled" EP
-Raw German Black Metal a bit influenced by the primitive aura of Von.

SARGEIST "Disciple of the Heinous Path" CD
-One of the forerunners of Finnish Black Metal is here again with more tormented tunes for the soul.

SARGEIST "Let the Devil In" CD
-Bloodcurdling passion with an Imperial command of the essence of Black Metal.

SEKTARISM "L'offrande" MC
-Killer bleak, depressing funeral Doom Metal with a blackened edge.

SZARLEM "Screams from a Chamber" EP
-Raw German Black Metal , nothing more nothing less.

-Raw Heathen Black Metal from Finland.