12 October 2012

Mail order update.

AESAAETTR "Self titled" MC
-Atmospheric darkened Metal solo project.

AKITSA "Aupres de la mort, triomphant!" EP
-Back in stock! If you need a description, you don't need it.

AMOFAS "Blood Like Fire" EP
-New entity of a Bone Awl member, highly recommended!

ANABOTH "Pomiedzy Swiatami" CD
-16 years after the recording of cult first demo they return with a debut full length album of underground Polish Dark/Black Metal.

BEHEXEN "My Soul for His Glory" CD
-Back in stock! Blasphemous Black Metal elite from Finland serves us an incredible opus dedicated to pure evil.

BLESSED IN SIN "Odes Obscures" MC
-If you need a description, you don't need it.

BLESSED IN SIN "Unholy Reh/A Tribute to Euronymous" MC
-Colour cover edition released by Czertog Production in collaboration with Necrolust distribution.

CAVERNS "Centuries of Seclusion" MC
-Grim and evil Black Metal.

CELTICMOON/WAFFENWEIHE "My Illusion of an Eternal Winter/Ein Sturm zieht auf" LP
-Re-release of their 1996 and 2001 demos on vinyl, highly recommended!

CHAO "Spiritux Sankti" MC
-Black Metal from Iceland, released by Terratur Possessions.

CHAOSBAPHOMET "The Black Communion" EP
-Greek Black Metal in a great looking gatefold sleeve, featuring Iapetos of Unholy Archangel.

DARKEST GROVE "Coming of 2012" CD
-Raw and relentless Black Metal, this album is a philosophical journey into the darkest depths of humanity and the unknown future of our species.

-Deathgate Arkanum stands for creativity, individualism, consequence without any compromise and evolution without standstill.

-Speed Metal Punk Black Rock'n'Roll reminding Inepsy.

-Great occult Black metal from Canada, Monarque side project.

DEMONIC FOREST "Frost Strenght" CD
-Pagan Black Metal with accoustic guitar.

DEMONIC FOREST "Secret Order from the Grim Temples" CD
-Evil Black Metal with a sinister ambience.

DEMONIC FOREST "Night on Frozen Land" CD
-Hateful and atmospheric Pagan Black Metal.

DOLENTIA "Sob a Egide das Sombras" LP
-Seven songs of sharp, situalistic yet melodic Black Metal to honor the dead, each copy is dedicated to the owner and handnumbered.

DOOMBRINGER "Sevenfold Pestilence" EP
-After two promising demo tapes polish Death Metal maniacs Doombringer return with two brand new tracks of unholy Death Metal.

-A human voice for nature's lament.

EVILFEAST "Wintermoon Enchantment" DLP
-Majestic Black Metal atmospheres and haunted ambience featuring penetrating eerie synths and grim guitars with outbursts of fury.

GATE OF THE SILVER STAR "The Melting and Entwinement of Aeons" MC
-Debut demo from this new Black Metal horde form the United Kingdom, formed by Nostalggia and Oros of Obscure Lupine Quietus.

-Anonymous French Black Metal manifesto. Nostalgic, jaded, breathtaking... Highly recommended!

GLACIATION "1994" LP *$21.00 CAD
-Anonymous French Black Metal manifesto. Nostalgic, jaded, breathtaking... Highly recommended!

GRAVELAND "Drunemeton" CD
-riginally recorded in November 1992, this promo was released after the first demo, this was truly the beginning for what was to become one of the most hateful Black Metal bands of all time.

GRAVELAND "In The Glare Of The Burning Churches" CD
-Mandatory, one of the best Polish Black metal release of all time. Forever Plaged Records edition.

GRONDE "Self titled" MC
-Black/Death Metal from Switzerland.

HELAS "Self tiled" MC
-Solo project of a member from Verglas. Distant and nihilist BLack Metal, highly recommended!

HEXECUTOR "First Hexecution" MC
-Total old school Thrash Metal including guitar solo that remind of early Metallica from this horde from Bretagne, France.

ILL OMEN "Divinity Through Un-creation" LP
-Crafted during the year of 2011, ushering 9 psalms of obscure, unearthly doctrine to conjure infinite sorrows upon the earth.

KATAXU "Roots Thunder" MC
-If you need a description, you don't need it

LORD OF EVIL "Satan's Soldiers" CD
-If you don't own any official Lord of Evil releases, it's about time you get one.

NACHTS "Invokation" EP
Twelve minutes of extraordinary, fast-paced and extremely grim Black Metal.

NASTROND "Muspellz Synir" CD
-Grim, hypnotic, cavernous, and schizophrenically violent in execution, Nastrond eschews the atmospherics of their mid-90's work in favor of harder, grimier textures.

OBSCURE LUPINE QUIETUS "Below the Altar's Gleam" MC
-Four raw compositions expressing ascension from mortal to beast, beast to immortal through primitive ritual, transformation and full godform transcendence.

OMINOUS "Death... The Beginning" MC
-Four tracks fierce Black Metal.

OSSEA CYPHUS "Ad Interficiam Larnis Et Sanguinis" MC
-Raw and hateful Black Metal recorded the way it should be.

PESTE NOIRE "Mors Orbis Terrarum" 2xMC *$16.00 CAD
-Antholgy of all Peste Noire demos.

PREST "Drapsinstinkt" MC
-Back in stock! Fifteen year old Prest re-emerge with a new honest and raw rehearsal recording, released by Daudings Gjenklang.

PRIMOGENORUM "In Loco Subterraneo" MC
-Back in stock! Obscure and sinister Black Metal on Parasyte Curse.

PRIMOGENORUM "Floating to the Coasts of Inhumanity" MC
-Underground raw Black Metal, recommended!

RITUAL LAIR "Morbid Ritual of the Insane" MC
-Morbid Metal of Death, the essense of darkness.

SARGEIST "Satanic Black Devotion" CD
-Grim Black Metal, a masterpiece cold as death.

SKUGGEHEIM "Vinterrikets Konge" MC
-Back in stock! Raw lo-fi Black Metal with a great atmosphere, highly recommended!

STORMFRONT/NECROSTRIGIS "The Forgotten Demons Of Ancient Glory" CD
-After thirteen years of non-existence, Norwegian Stormfront returns with three new tracks. Necrostigis is pure underground Black Metal from Poland.
-The second full length album of Szron, five tracks of pure Black Metal.

-Four tracks of masterfully executed Black metal pressed on to 160 gram 12" vinyl for maximum enjoyment and sound quality.

-German and Polish hateful Black Metal.

TOUR DE GARDE "Logo" T-SHIRT (Small, Medium or Large)
*$15.00 CAD
-Click on item to see a picture.

TRIUMPH OF THE MOON "Rehearsal 14.5.2012" MC
-Pure underground Black Metal from Norway, highly recommended!

TURPISTA "Turpistyczny Amok" MCD
-Obscure and evil Black Metal for the old school worshippers.

VENUS STAR "Nivritti Marga" EP
-Great primitive and occult blackened Death Metal From Finland.

-Raw punk induced Black Metal on side A and experiment noise deviation on side B.

VORDR self titled" EP
-Natural, crude and primitive Black Metal produced by Versets Noirs.

WHITE MEDAL "Alone as Owt" MLP
-Yorkshire Heathen Black Metal on Seedstock Records.

3 October 2012