20 December 2012

Mail order update.

AEON WINDS "Those Who Will Remain Silent Forever" LP
-Atmospheric Black Metal with Ambient influences, this debut album is a promising jewel deep within the underground.

ANCESTORS BLOOD "A Dark Passage from the Past" CD
-Back in stock! Compilation gathering the three demo's from 2004, 2005 and 2006, showing the roots of the bands' famous epic sound, highly recommended!

ANCESTORS BLOOD "When the Forest Calls" MCD
-Back in stock! Epic and highly atmospheric pagan Black Metal recalling the early days of In The Woods... and Darkwoods My Betrothed.

ARAGON "Reh: Witchcraft & 11-11-11" MC
-Evil and old school rehearsal desecration, very good!

ARAGON "Thorn by the Devil" MC
-Bestial and old school Black/Death Metal from Poland influenced by Beherit and Sarcofago.

ARCH TOLL "Poisener" MC
-Cassette version of the debut LP by Sump related blackened Death Metal project.

ARYAN ART "...I Berem Plodovete Na Nasheto Nehajstvo" LP
-Melancholic epic riffs with agonising vocals and great productions, recommended!

ASH POOL "Cremation is Irreversible" EP
-Vinyl version of the tape.

BESIECT "Heidenlarm" MC
-Old school rough and primitive black metal like Fimbulwinter, old Gorgoroth, Trelldom demo.

BHAOBHAN SIDHE "Gas Chamber Music" CD
-Incuding their entire discography, mandatory!

CAPUT MORTUM "Heritage of the Sun" MC
-Underground true Black Metal from Peru.

CHATIMENT "Sang des Carpathes" MC
-Extraordinary Vampyric hatred from the deepest recesses of the Quebec catacombs, highly recommended!

COSMIC BREATH 88 "Self titled" MC
-Side project of a member of Lascoweic/Svetovid/Sunchariot/Surt, pure cosmic insanity.

COSMIC BREATH 88 "The Stench of Life" MC
-This release is actually an industrialized noise version of Lascoweic/Svetovid/Sunchariot/Surt material.

CRIPTA OCULTA "Rios Que Correram... Rios Que Secaram" LP
-Raw, cold and emotional Black Metal with folk touches, proud epic moments and deep atmosphere.

CTHULHU RISES "Ku Chwale Mrocznych Eonow I" MC
-Dark Lovecraftian Black Metal from the bottomless pits of Polish underground.

-All 3 bands wrote new material with the same concepts, based in the mentioned album title.

DELETERE "Inopia Et Morbo" MC
-25 minutes of raw yet melodic black Metal sang in both latin and french.

-Two new acts from Quebec rising form the underground gathered on a single cassette.

DOWN AND OUT #24 "Nocturnal Emissions Vol. 3" *$5.00 CAD
-Features interviews with Black Cilice, Verglas, Torture Chain, Grinning Death's Head and more.

DOWN AND OUT #25 "Nocturnal Emissions Vol. 4" *$5.00 CAD
-This issue focuses in depth on the current Australian Black Metal scene and features an extensive review section.

-The album from 2004 released officially on Cd for the first time.

-Back in stock! Underground Black Metal done like in the old days, very few in stock.

ENDE "Whispers of a Dying Earth" CD
-Ende performs a melodic and atmospheric extreme Black Metal.

EXECUTION OF LIGHT "Rotting Blood of sacrifice" MC
-Killer Blackened Death Metal from Poland

-First part of their split seris, obscure and minimalist accoustic music from both projects.

FORGOTTEN WOODS "As The Wolves Gather" MC
-While the repetitive riffing and screeching vocals of "As The Wolves Gather" may remind of Burzum, plenty of originality is to be discovered behind the raw, echoing sound.

-With its 3 lengthy, ingenious songs this EP stands almost as strong or equal to the follow-up album "The Curse Of Mankind".

FORGOTTEN WOODS "The Curse Of Mankind" MC
-Their finest full-length which sets free feelings of seclusion and sadness; with addition of harmonica, influences from The Velvet Undrground and poetlike lyrics.

FORTERESSE "Metal Noir Quebecois" CD
-A classic, enthralling album sporting the aura of 90's Black Metal while giving a nod to the folkloric music and culture of the French part of North America.

FORTERESSE "Par hauts bois et vastes plaines" CD
-For its third album, Forteresse takes a more hypnotic and introspective approach and offers a majestic and melancholic opus that is sure to appeal to the fans of the group.

FORTERESSE "Crepuscule d'Octobre" CD
-After exploring more atmospheric avenues, Forteresse returns to a more traditional and aggressive breed of Black Metal for its fourth album.

-Two of Québec's best know patriotic acts, Brume d'Automne et Forteresse, come together with pride on this EP, each with a new track.

FROZEN SHADOWS "Dans les bras des immortels" CD
-10th anniversary edition, remastered and with an exclusive cover of Burzum's Black Spell of Destruction!

GESTALTE "Self titled" MC
-Voidwandering black metal... Cold and tortured material, shaped in nocturnal and spiritual possessions at the plains of madness and insanity.

-Featuring interviews in French and English with Akitsa, Deliquescence, Drowning The Light, Satanic Warmaster, Sorcier Des Glaces, Sortilegia, Tukaaria, Urfaust and more.

-Five tracks of cryptic necromantic Black/Death Metal.

IC REX "Lunar Possession" MC
-Extremely raw and shredding, freezing Black Metal yet with great melodies and riffs and even a symphonic ambience.

IC REX "Sielun Kadotuksen Sinfonia" MC
-Grim Black Metal comming from Finland with destructive drumming, evil filthy guitars and bestial vocals from hell.

IC REX "Valonkantajan Alkemia" MC
-Raw yet symphonic occult Black Metal, an experience of the darker domain with a soulpiercing atmosphere.

IC REX "Vedenjakaja" MC
-Guitar based Black Metal, now out of the symphonic synth material of the past.

INCANTATION "Tribute to the Goat" MC
-Clut recording by one of the greatest Death metal band to ever existed, mandatory!

IRAE "To Those Who Stand... Evil Prevails" CD
-Raw and cult Black Metal from Portugal.

JOTUNHEIM "Self titled" LP
-Back in stock! Sacrificial and chaotic Swedish Black Metal featuring members of WOD and Funeral Frost, highly recommended!

-Featuring interviews with Wulkanaz, Vordr, Agathus, Tenhi, Hexvessel and more.

KATAXU "Roots Thunder" MC
-New edition by Ancient Order Productions, highly recommended!

KROCHT "Vaandeldrager/Actum" MC
-Back in stock! Melodic, fast, harsh and hateful Black Metal, their first two demo's now mastered and compiled on a single tape.

MALEFICES "Rites Crvels" MC
-Furious and unholy Black Metal with great riffs from Quebec, this is their second demo.

MARTWA AURA "Dzien bez jutra" MC
-Violent Black Metal from Poland released by Putrid Cult.

MIRKHALL "Winter of Tragedies Reign" MC
-Pagan Metal featuring Shatraug of Horna.

MONARQUE "Ad Nauseam" CD
-For their first release under the Sepulchral banner, they now revisit their cult first recording, this time entirely re-recorded with 3 new songs and a new outro.

-Monarque returns with an excellent exclusive track while Bardunor (Monarque, Csejthe, Hiverna, etc) presents his brand new project Crepuscule.

NECROFEAST "Self titled" CD
-Dutch Black Metal from the 90's, original pressing on Creations Of Necromantical Mysteriis.

-Greek occult Black Metal legends.

NECROMANTIA "The Sound of Lucifer Storming Heaven" MC
-Greek occult Black Metal legends.

NECROSTRIGIS "Relics of Blood Rites Sorcery" MC
-Six tracks of frostbitten Polish raw Black Metal cult, highly recommended!

-One track each, dark unholy Black Metal.

NORDREICH "...und es bleibt nur Aas" LP
-This album deals with primeval fears of mankind that come in many faces. Not only contemplation about friends and nation, but also lying side by side with your foes on the battlefield.

NORDREICH "Verschlungene Pfade" LP
-Back in stock! Comes with two exclusive bonus tracks and completely new artwort!

NORDREICH "Auf Heimischen Pfaden" DLP
-Black in stock! Germanic Black Metal cult release finally available on a splendourous gatefold DLP, side D contains 4 previously unreleased bonus tracks.

NORTHWARD "In sturmes Wind" MC
-Mostly instrumental atmospheric Black Metal from the Netherlands.

NYMORK "Midnattssolens skuggor" MC
-Strange but raw underground Norwegian Black Metal.

ODESSA "Praising for His Return..." MC
-Extreme and radical right-wing Black Metal.

PESTE NOIRE "Folkfuck Folie" MC
-This should need no introductions... This is the 2012 edition on Night Birds Records.

PROFEZIA "The Truth of Ages" LP
-Cold old school Black Metal. ...and the truth of ages shall reveal itself to you.

REGNUM "Hinter Der Schwelle Des Schmerzes" MC
-Grim and mysterious Black Metal, totally underrated... A must to know.

RIVIERE DU NORD "Le vent glace" MC
-Silence, solitude, tristesse, desespoir... highly recommended!

-Debut demo reissued on vinyl, the is the black vinyl version.
SATANIZE "Holy Destruction Ritual" CD
-This album presents the most violent and bestial set of songs made by Satanize, an intense ritual of punishing Black Metal.

SEELENGREIF "...zum Tode Betrubt" CD
-Seelengreif are back after 5 years with their first studio album  which includes seven tracks of melancholic Black Metal, recommended! 

SELBSTMORD "Aryan Voice of Hatred" EP
-If you need a description, you don't need it.

SJENOVIK "On The Infinite Universe And Worlds" MC
-Atmospheric experimental Black Metal with acoustic elements.

-Two long sides of raw northern Black Metal from Yorkshire and Copenhagen, highly recommended!

-Classic Black Metal split from the French Canadian soil.

SORCIER DES GLACES "The Puressence of Primitive Forests" CD
-Back in stock! Representing the cold and white landscapes of the north through a 56 minutes tribute to early 90's Black Metal.

STORMFRONT/NECROSTRIGIS "The Forgotten Demons Of Ancient Glory" MC
-After thirteen years of non-existence, Norwegian Stormfront returns with three new tracks. Necrostigis is pure underground Black Metal from Poland.

STORMHEIT "Calling the Spirits of Hate" MC
-The debut demo reissued by Hammerbund.

-Epic Pagan Metal in the style of Morrigan, Falkenbach and Bathory.

-Brotherhood of Light mystical unit.

SUNWHEEL "Prophecies of the Aryan Moon" MC
-New edition of this cult Black Metal demo on Ancient Order Productions.

THE ANCIENTS REBIRTH " Drain The Portal In Blood!" CD
-Swedish melodic Black Metal from the 90's, original pressing on Creations Of Necromantical Mysteriis.

UNHOLY CRUCIFIX/NECROSLUT "Rites of Black Vomit and Hate" MC
-Raw desecrating blasphemous darkness released on Grievantee Productions.

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Brotherhood of Light" MC
-Compilation featuring exclusively Brotherhood of Light bands such as Lascowiec, Surt, Cosmic Breat 88, Sunchariot, etc.

VERGLAS "Joies funebres" MC
-Their debut promo cassette reissued, over 65 minutes of madness!

WHITE MEDAL "Heathen Ridings Return" EP
-White Medal material from a few years ago originally recorded for the failed split with Instinct and only just now seeing the light of day.

WINTERDEMONS "The Darkest Storm" MC
-Impressive debut from this unholy Black Metal unit from Greece.

WITCHCRAFT "Hegyek felettem" MC
-Cult Hungarian Black Metal.

WITCHCRAFT "Hegyek felettem" CD
-Cult Hungarian Black Metal.

WOLFSSCHREI "Demons of my Inner Self" LP
-Back in stock! Seven devastating songs equipped with a raw production that carries on the sound of the early nineties, mark this grim attack of German Black Metal.

-Grim, powerful and devastating German Black Metal, highly recommended!

-Eccentric and inspired Swedish Black Metal, highly recommended!

-Eccentric and inspired Swedish Black Metal, highly recommended!

WSCHOD "O Dumie, Sile i Ogniu" MC
-Pride, strength and fire straight from Poland.

WSCHOD "Oddalenie" MC
-Patriotic Black Metal from Poland, their second album.

19 December 2012

Ash Pool "Cremation is Irreversible" EP

Soon available from Tour de Garde.

15 December 2012

Pagan Hellfire merchandise.

Pagan Hellfire "Into our final dying days we fight" T-shirt is now available. White printing on quality black shirts. Available in sizes S, M, L, XL for $15 CAD + shipping.

To order or for more details: