8 March 2013

Mail order update.

ACHERONTAS "Hermeticism" MC
-Fantastic Greek Black Metal in the old school vein recalling old Rotting Christ, Varathron and Necromantia.

-A masterpiece of occult Black Metal with 70's Rock and Heavy Metal influences.

AESIR "La Estirpe Del Sol Vuelve a Resurgir" MC
-Epic Pagan Black Metal from Argentina, recommended!

AESIR "El Llamado de Nuestra Sangre" MC
-Compilation featuring old and new material.

AGAZGUL/ETTENMOOR "Finnish's Hammers Underground Black Metal" MC
-Two underground Black Metal band from Finland.

AIMA "Self titled" MC
-Bestial Black/Death Metal from Greece, expect no keyboards or female vocals.

AKASHAH "The Dance of Beltaine Fire" MC
-Excellent Pagan Black Metal in the vein of Absurd.

AKITSA "Logo" T-SHIRT (Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large)
*$15.00 CAD
-Click on item to see a picture.

AKITSA/ASH POOL "Arraché à la mort, forcé à vivre et mourir à nouveau - Ripped From Death, Forced To Live, And Die Again" LP
-North American Black Metal hate.

ANCESTORS BLOOD "When the Forest Calls" MC
-Back in stock! A mandatory atmospheric Black Metal album in the vein of the old scandivian classics, an essential release.

APSE "Demo I" MC
-Sinister Ambient Dungeon music for dark souls.

BELIAR "Arcana Imperii" MCD
-Polish Black Metal war under the banner of Lower Silesian Stronghold.

-Hateful Black Metal from Spain released by Ancient Order Promotion.

BILSKIRNIR/EVIL "German-Southern Brotherhood" MC
-If you need a description, you don't need it.

-Heathen Black Metal from New Zealand.

CAEDEATH "Nuclear Death" mc
-Unreleased full length of 2008, Black/Death Metal for fans of early Gorgoroth and early Impaled Nazarene.

CHAO "Spiritux Sankti" MC
-Back in stock! Black Metal from Iceland, released by Terratur Possessions.

CHAOTIC SYMMETRY "Apo thn Abysso ths mavrhs mou psyxhs" MC
-Raw pagan black Metal from Greece featuring Darkthule member, highly recommended!

CHATEAU NOIR "The Victorious Flame" MC
-Debut demo of dark and raw Black Metal from Ukraine.

COLD EMPIRE "From the Ashes of the Empire" MC
-Fast blasting unholy Black Metal hailing nature.

DARK FURY "The Price of Treason" MC
-Fifth full lenght album from this long running act of the true Polish Black Metal underground.

DARK FURY "Saligia" LP
-Polish hateful Black Metal at his climax, highly recommended!

DE TARDA "Pa Allvar" MC
-Back in stock! Twisted underground Black Metal in the vein of Woods of Infinity.

-Fantastic split filled with hate darkness and agression from the mighty Dunkelheit from Hungary and the mighty Wacht from Switzerland.

ETTENMOOR "Winter of Supremacy" MC
-Northern underground raw Black Metal in the Satanic Warmaster vein.

EVILFEAST "Wintermoon Enchantment" MC
-Majestic Black Metal atmospheres and haunted ambience, highly recommended!

FAAGRIM "...und Winter kam" MC
-True German Black Metal in the Odal vein.

FROST "Brule mon criss!" MC
-French Canadian heathen Black Metal.

FUNERARY CALL "Drak Waters Stirred" CD
-Ceremonial maelstrom of ominous electronics and dark ambient textures, an audial descent into ritualistic obscurity and misanthropy.

-Sepulchral, brooding Black Ambient from one of the most enigmatic and spectral entities the genre has produced.

FUNERARY CALL "Beckoning at the Black" CD
-An aural descent into the underworld of unconscious and subconscious dimensions, released by Fall of Nature Records.

FUNERARY CALL "Fragments From The Aethyr" CD
-Three extended descents into jet-black drift, funereal chamber music.

GRAND MOOD "Final Urge to March" MC
-Back in stock! A complete statement of stoic but shimmering melodic Black Metal with expressive vocals.

-Raw, cold Black Metal from Germany and Finland.

GRAVELAND "In The Glare Of The Burning Churches" CD
-Back in stock! Mandatory, one of the best Polish Black metal release of all time. Forever Plaged Records edition.

GRAVELAND "The Celtic Winter" CD
-Mandatory, a timless classic of true Polsih Black Metal hatred. Forever Plaged Records edition.

GRAVELAND "Following the Voice of Blood" CD
-Mandatory, one of Gravelend best opus. Forever Plaged Records edition.

GRAVELAND "Immortal Pride" CD
-Mandatory, this album is Graveland's tribute to the viking years of Bathory. Forever Plaged Records edition.

GRAVELAND "Blood of Heroes" MC
-Originally released in 2002 on Vinland Winds Records and now issued on pro-cassette by Signal Rex.

HAMYS "Self titled" MC
-Five tracks of true Finnish raw Black Metal.

HELHEIM "Nidr Ok Nordr Liggr Helvegr" MC
-Legendary demo of cold Norwegian Viking Metal recorded in 1994 and now reissued by Night Birds Records and Todestrieb Records.

IMMEMORIAL CELTIC WINDS "Call from the Ancient Past 94-95" MC
-1994 and 1995 demo on a single cassette, raw old school Polish Black Metal.

INFERNAL KINGDOM "Reflected in Darkness..." MC
-Pure and possessed thrashing Black Metal.

IRAE/VERMEN "Odium Generis Humani" CD
-This long waaited split is finally unleashed on the day they say the slave was born, three are the himns of Lusitanian evilness coming from each band.

IRAE/VELORIO "Deceiver's Light" CD
-Portuguese Black Metal elite presents true hateful Black Metal, highly recommended!

JUDAS ISCARIOT "Dethroned, Conquered and Forgotten" MC
-Night Birds Records / Todestrieb Records version.

JUDAS ISCARIOT "To Embrace the Corpses Bleeding" MC
-If you need a description, you don't need it.

-Featuring interviews with Dolentia, Malefices, Year of the Goat and more.

-Featuring interviews with Asymmetry, Slægt, Tollund Men, Veneror and Wither.

KUXAN SUUM "Self titled" LP
-Compilation of their two previously recorded works, on vinyl for the first time.

LA FORET DES BRUMES "La mort horrible" MC
-Second demo for this one man band, still raw yet melodic Black Metal.

LASCOWIEC "Unbroken Spirit" CD
-Heahen Black Metal.

LASCOWIEC "Frostwinds of the Apocalypse" CD
-Grim and cold Black Metal that pierce into the soul with the grandeur of majestic and hypnotic melodies.

LES COLONNES DE L'ETERNITE "A Soldier of Lifeforce" CD
-Powerful drumming combines with melancholic melodies und muliple layered passages, influenced by neoclassical orchestrations and choirs, recommended!

LIKVANN "Her Jeg Blir Til Jeg Dor" MC
-Raw, fast and furious Black Metal from Norway in the vein of the old tradition.

LORD WIND "Ales Stenar" MC
-Polish Neo-Classical, a very great album.

LSSAH "Die Fahnen der Vernichtung" CD
-Mandatory old school Polish Black Metal with an Industrial edge, both demos remastered on a single CD.

LUSTRE "Night Spirit" LP
-Trance inducing Black Metal from this Swedish one-man band, only two 20 minute songs filled with slow atmospheric riffs.

MONS VENERIS "Vicit Sathanas Pater... Eum Sequamur" CD
-Re-release of the tape previously also released on Antihumanism but this with original mix of the recording wich was intended for vinyl release.

MOONTOWER/BELETH "Bestial Holocaust" MC
-Split album of leading Polish underground Black Metal hordes.

-Split release between these two bands hailing from NJ and NY, featuring new material of raw Black Metal in distinctly different styles.

NAVJARMAHR "To Please the Ravens" MC
-Heathen Black Metal from Russia.

NEFRET "Evacuacao da Alma" MC
-Black Metal on Frenteuropa Records.

ODELEGGER "Solitary in Wrath" MCD
-Raw and primitive Black Metal in the vein of Ildjarn, highly recommended!

-Nihilist Black/Punk from Montreal.

-Compilation tape featuring the Kazikli Voyvoda EP and the Septic Teachings From Blackened Tongues demo.

PAGAN ASSAULT "Revolte contre la destine" CD
-True Black Metal from France featuring a Veles and a Graveland cover.

PAGAN HELLFIRE "On the Path to Triumph" CD
-Fifth album of one of the best and oldest Canadian Black Metal horde, highly recommended!

PALE MIST "Where the Darkness is Praised" CD
-The debut album from Englands Pale Mist, fourty-five minutes of pure hate, pain and torment dragging you even deeper into the pitch black abyss of chaos and darkness.

PESTE NOIRE "La Sanie des siecles - Panegyrique de la degenerescence" MC
-If you need a description, you don't need it.

ROSTORCHESTER "Verschrobenheit" LP
-Eisenwinter and Totale Vernichtung collaborates to create Rostorchester, highly recommemded!

RUNENTHOR "Valaskjalf" MC
-German Black Metal.

SENTIMEN BELTZA "Zulo Beltz Eta Sakon Honetan" CD
-Fourth album of this Iberic Black Metal band.

SIVIJ YAR "The Dawns were Drifting as Before" MC
-Slavonic Pagan Black Metal with sorrowful poetry and mysterious atmosphere from Vyritsa, Russia.

-Danish Black Metal project from Copenhagen that managed to compose incredible songs of Black Metal magic, highly recommended!

SOLEIL TRYSTE Issue 3 *$6.00 CAD
-Nice looking magazine featuring interviews with Anguish, Cruciamentum, Gevurah, Ominous Silence Records, The Nihilistic Front and Vulturine.

SORCIER DES GLACES "The Puressence of Primitive Forests" CD
-Back in stock! Representing the cold and white landscapes of the north through a 56 minutes tribute to early 90's Black Metal.

SORT VOKTER "Folkloric Necro Metal" MC
-Amazing reissue of one of the pillars of the primitive Black Metal scene, a must to own.

SUBKLINIK " Musik for Decomposition" CD
-Lo-fi, unsettling, and ultra grim. This immediately takes me back to the early nineties and the heyday of the Slaughter Productions cassette scene.

SUTEKH HEXEN "Ordo Adversarial: Daemons: Shadows" CD
-Pitch black and malevolent, noise drenched occult Black Metal.

-A seething quasi-ambient nightmare that lingers with the listener, enhanced in it's creep factor by the unsettling paintings from Sutcliffe Jugend's Kevin Tomkins that make up the album art.

SURT "Muspellsheimr" MC
-Heathen accoustic mysticism.

TENEBRAE "The Mist Soften my Sorrow" CD
-One of the early Black Metal album from Quebec from 1996, atmospheric Black Metal in the vein of early Cradle of Filth.

TOTER WINTER "Oncoming Storm" MC
-Unique and radical Black Metal.

TRIST "Nostalgie" EP
-Recorded in Spring 2009, this EP makes use of the classic Trist style, but evokes a different emotion than many of his other works.

-Trist's cut is titled "Nostalgie" III and is the final song from the Nostalgie sessions while Nuit Noire comes full force with two tracks of faerie worshiping Black Punk like only they can do.

ULVEGR "Where the Icecold Blood Storms" MC
-Atmospheric Black Metal filled with harsh and freezing hatred.

URNA "Exorsa Nigra" MC
-Lusitanian unholy Black Metal.

USURPER "Diabolosis" MC
-Debut full-length from the Chicago disciples of Celtic Frost riffs and a more modern Black Metal edge, originally released by the mighty Head not Found.

USURPER "Threshold of the Usurper" MC
-Classic 1997 EP originally released by Necropolis Records reissued with bonus tracks.

USURPER "Skeletal Season" MC
-Cult unholy Thrash Metal, second album originally released in 1999.

UTHARK "War Horde" MC
-German Black Metal under the wings of Thor's Hammer Productions.

VARGANOCTE "Als die Nacht anbrach" MC
-Cold, atmospheric and melancholic Black Metal.

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Svn Okklt" 2xMC *$14.00 CAD
-A compilation featuring nearly 70 minutes of Black Metal from hordes like Death Fortress, Sylvus, Gevurah, Axis of Light, Tardigrada and more.

VEMOD "Venter pa stormene" CD *$14.00 CAD
-Dark ethereal Metal band from Nidaros, Norway.

VEMOD "Venter pa stormene" MC *$8.00 CAD
-Dark ethereal Metal band from Nidaros, Norway.

VERGLAS "Logo" T-SHIRT (Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large)
*$15.00 CAD
-Click on item to see a picture.

WALLACHIA "Self titled" MC
-Raw, epic Black Metal with a symphonic touch.

WALLACHIA "From Behind the Light" MC
-Epic and raw Norwegian Black Metal.

WINDSTORM "Eternal Gods Forgotten" MC
-This two man Band from Greece plays traditional raw Black Metal inthe vein of the early nineties.

WOJNAR "Z Najglebszych Borow Piesni Wam Niose" MC
-Famous Polish pagan Ambient project, majestic sounds anthems of Pride to their Fatherland.

WOJNAR "The Book of Veles" MC
-Slavonic Ambient, originally recorded in Beat Studio in Kharkiv, Ukraine back in August 2000.

WOJNAR "Epos O Woju Z Krainy Mrozem Spowitej" MC
-Great folkloric Ambient from this mighty Polish porject that should need no introduction.