20 September 2014

Mail order update.


ARCKANUM "Antikosmos" A5 Super Jewel CD A5 
-A deviant and defiant brew, Antikosmos bristles with the ancient woodland energy of their celebrated Necropolis albums but is imbued with a newfound sense of chaos and complexity.

-A tribute to France's most hidden and untouched corners where the true French spirit is still alive.

MASOCHIST "History" Double CD
-The original fore-runners of American Black Metal, they were one of the fledgling, grim bands that would later influence an entire generation.

MOON "The Nine Gates" CD
-The dark nature of human kind inspired by lunar creatures and conjured by the sounds of raw atmospheric Black Metal.

MORTUALIA "Blood Of The Hermit" CD
-Some of the most desolate, soul-draining Black Metal, a side project of shatraug of Horna, Sargeist, etc.

NOCTURNAL FEAR/SEGES FINDERE "Allied for the Upcoming Genocide" CD
-Exclusive rounds of uncompromising and radical blackened Thrash of the purest and highest order.

PLAGA "Magia Gwiezdnej Entropii" CD
-One of the best Polish Black Metal horde of nowadays, highly recommended!

PROFANITY ANGEL "Acts of Desecration and Blasphemy" MC
-Pure Black Metal desecration continuing the craft of Archgoat and Blasphemy.

PROFEZIA "Oracolo Suicida" CD
-Masters of high drama and windswept mysticism, evincing the moonlit melancholy so inherent to classic Italian Black Metal yet here led by eerily beautiful violin.

RIDE FOR REVENGE "Disturbances 2001-2013" Double MC $18.00 CAD
-Deluxe double cassette compilation contains 2 hours and 21 minutes of unreleased, live and rare material.

-The first metal offering by Sanctuaire is a raw yet epic and atmospheric recording praising nature as well as ancient norther mysticism and barbarism.

-An awakening of the Magna Europa of the early 90s Black Metal, this is not representative of anything new but merely a tribute to those old times.