25 January 2015

Mail order update.

ABIGAIL "Intercourse and Lust" CD
-Cult sinister Yakuza Black Metal debut album, Nuclear war Now edition.

AKHKHARU "Celebratum" CD
-Highly enigmatic, Aeonic dark ritual ambient sound sculptures of a spiritually disturbing nature.

A.M.S.G. "Anti-Cosmic Tyranny" LP
-Black Metal ritual of sonic invocation to honor the endless dark aeon and the chaotic black light!

ARKAIK EXCRUCIATION "Among the Vortex of Chaos" MC
-Raw and filthy Death/Black Metal with rabid vocals that keep pushing the unwary into the depths of purgatory.

-Pure Black Metal invoking the deathlike melodies of early Emperor and Abigor's demos meets  French Black metal in the vein of Seigneur Voland, Bekhira and Chemin de haine.

BAISE MA HACHE "Ab Origine Fidelis" LP
-Debut album of the french newcomers, their music can be mostly compared to Peste Noire or Akitsa without loosing this own identity, highly recommended!

BLACK COMA "My Filthy Ashes" MC
-First recording from this Spanish Black Metal band which is featuring members of Atman and Inexorable End.

BLOOD STRONGHOLD "Blood Spilt In The Earths' Viscera" EP
-Medieval Black Metal, highly recommended!

BLOOD STRONGHOLD "From Sepulchral Remains..." CD
-Eight nocturnal hymns of medieval Black Metal for those with the darkness of war in heart!

BUNKUR "Bludgeon" CD
-The basis here lies in the combination of authentic Doom with black metal spiced over by hints of Laibach, Carnivore and Autopsy.

-Back in stock! If you need a description you don't need it.

CRISTALYS "In Hoc Signo Vinces" CD
-Epic Heathen French Black Metal, highly recommended!

CULT OF DAATH "Doomed by the Witch" MC
-Mandatory Black/Death Metal from Chicago, highly recommended!

DARK FURY "Semper Fidelis" MC
-Tracks off the first four demos, Night and the Fog Part III and unreleased material from this cult Polish horde.

DOOMBRINGER "The Grand Sabbath" CD
-The cacophonous intensity of Death Metal meet the unconstrained evil of Black Metal, Nuclear War Now edition.

GALGENBERG "Blutgrund/Glagenberg" CD
-Back in stock! Cult Polish Black Metal act, highly recommended!

GLORIA DIABOLI "Libation Unto He Who Dwelleth In The Depths" MLP (10 inch)
-Pre-production tracks recorded on a 4 track machine of furious and hateful Black metal, highly recommended!

GRAVELAND/HONOR "Raiders of revenge" CD
-2013 digipack version.

GREVANCE "Faciamvs Vt Bellvm Renascatvr" MC
-Back in stock! Epic Black Metal with Folk influences from France.

HATE MEDITATION 2nd issue *$6.00 CAD
-Featuring interviews with Dodsengel, Panphage, Svartidaudi, Surtr, Jotunheim, Mare and more.

-Old school thrashing Death Metal from France.

IRON WOODS "Self titled" MC
-Superior Pagan Black Metal influenced by Graveland, Falkenbach, etc. Highly recommended!

-Radical Norwegian Black Metal, only a few copies in stock.

KALEIDOSCOPE #12-#17 - Selected limbs and fresh blood over the carcass*$8.00 CAD
-Eight old interviews from 2013 and three new ones from 2014, featuring Mysticum, Possession, Malefices, Cosmic Church and more.

LAMENTATION "Self titled" MC
-Rancid, traditional, furious Death/Grind in the tradition of bands like Terrorizer, Defecation, Napalm Death, Autopsy or Repulsion.

MAGOG "Todesweihe" LP
-Finest German underground Black Metal, their demo on vinyl.

MALEFICES "Hurlemort" LP
-Haunting and cryptic Black Metal hymns, echoing the glorious days of the early 90's.

-German Black Metal in the vein of the French Black Legions.

MENEGROTH "Das Rote Werk" CD
-Black Metal influenced by the futurist movements.

METASTASIS "The Blackened Essence" MC
-Chilean thrashing Death Metal with fast tempos, evil vocals and killer guitar riffs and solos.

MUTILATED "Resurrected" EP
-Cult brutal French Death Metal from the early nineties.

MYRRDIN "Gods of Ancient Times" MC
-Occult raw Black Metal from United Kingdom.

NECROSTRIGIS "Sinister Fire's Rituals" EP
-Polish Black Metal in the truest tradition, a monument dedicated to the originators of the genre. Highly recommended!

NECROSTRIGIS/EVIL ''Winter Darkness Storm'' EP
-A split release between Polish and Brazilian Black Metal elite.

-Primitive, barbaric Death Metal in the vein of old Brazilian and Hellenic cults meets cryptic, evil brutal Death Metal carnage.

-Back in stock! Debut album of radical Black Metal from France, highly recommended!

-Radical Black Metal from France, highly recommended!

ORLOK "Black Funeral Holocaust" LP
-Putrid and funeral Black Metal from Finland.

ORMGARD "Ormblot" LP
-Back in stock! Dark Teutonic ambient and Black Metal Art.

PURE "And the Waters turned to Blood" MC
-Melancholic and raw Black Metal with Doom parts from Switzerland.

RAVENMOON SANCTUARY "Winter Desolation of Death" CD
-Savage Black Metal combined with spacey keyboards, highly recommended!

ROTTING CHRIST "Apokathilosis" 3xEP Boxset *$35.00 CAD
-his collection of Rotting Christ material represents the genesis of the archetypal Greek Black Metal sound, including the "Ade’s Winds" demo and the "Dawn of the Iconoclast" and "Apokathilosis" EPs.

SAGN "Sage Einer Verlorenen Welt" MC
-Back in stock! Reissue of their debut demo, Pagan Black Metal from France

SATAN'S SIGN OF WAR "Self titled" LP
-Raw hateful German Black Metal cult.

-If you need a description, you don't need it.

SIEG ODER TOD "Jahre Der Vergessenen" LP
-Discography album featuring their material from the "Sieg Oder Tod Demo", the "Blut und Ehre" compilation, the Ulfhethnar and Antiparasitär splits.

SLAYER #20 Softbound Zine *$12.00 CAD
-Softbound version of the sold out zine featuring interviews with Watain, Morbid, Bathory, Grotesque and more.

SPEAR OF LONGINUS "The Yoga of National Socialism" CD
-Digipack CD version of this cult album, highly recommended!

SUNWHEEL "Industry of Death" CD
-This milestone of epic Black Metal re-released on digipack CD via Darker Than Black.

SVARTSYN "Aandens Melankoli" MCD
-Cult Norwegian Black Metal mini-album remastered and reissued by Burznazg Productions.

THE WANDERER... "Aura Nocturnal" MC
-A Black Metal journey through a world of twilight toward the primordial darkness.

TOMBEAU "Méphistophallique" MLP
-Unique darkened occult Metal of Death that stays away from the usual "Metal Noir Québécois" standards.

TOTALE VERNICHTUNG "Ritualmordlegenden" CD
-Innovative and original Black Metal from Austria which still keep the true spirit.

UNHOLY CRUCIFIX "Ordo Servorum Satanae" CD
-Black/Death Metal with a mid-paced approach punctuated by ecstatic passages of blast beat annihilation.

UNHOLY CRUCIFIX "Ordo Servorum Satanae" LP
-Black/Death Metal with a mid-paced approach punctuated by ecstatic passages of blast beat annihilation.

UNTERGANG "Kult of the Black Order" MC
-Supreme blasphemous Black Metal from France.

VARATHRON "Walpurgisnacht" LP
-one of the greatest Hellenic Black Metal album of all, highly recommended!

VICARIVS FILII DEI "Non Cogitant Sed Tamen Sunt" CD
-epic and melodic Black Metal from Austria, highly recommended

WARWULF "The Archetype of Destruction" CD
-Superior Black Metal from the United States influenced by french bands such as Kristallnacht, Seigneur Voland, etc.

WINTERBLUT "Der 6. Danach, Opus I: Leidenswege" LP
-Originally released in 1999 under the banner of Darker Than Black Records, this album was the first proper full-length Winterblut recording and began the unfolding of what would become one of the most unique catalogs in Black Metal.

WINTERBLUT "Der 6. Danach, Opus II: Geistermusik & Opus III: Orgelmusik" LP
-Greater influx of the atmospheric and ethereal elements begins to manifest giving way to attain an even darker sounding Black Metal.

WINTERBLUT “Von den Pflichten, Schönes Zu Vernichten” DLP
-This album explores new, untouched territories within the genre and eschews the constraints of any rigid interpretation of the Black Metal genre.